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Free Traffic: No-Cost Ways to Promote Your Online Store

Free Traffic: No-Cost Ways to Promote Your Online Store

How do you drive customers to your ecommerce store without breaking the bank? This free ebook teaches you how to do promotion for free, by finding the right allies, building a network, leveraging the power of content marketing to reach more people and make more sales.

7 Chapters

  1. Introduction

    Learn how to generate traffic to your ecommerce store by building strong relationships within your industry, creating extraordinary content, getting involved in local events, and more.

  2. Identify Potential Influencer Partnerships

    You can drive free traffic by working strategically with online influencers. Learn about micro influencers, how you can brainstorm ideas for the perfect influencer marketing strategies, and some tools you can use to reach out and start building relationships with them.

  3. Build a Digital Network

    In this section, we’ll discuss creating content with your ideal influencers. This includes guest posting on their blogs and appearing on their podcasts. You’ll also learn how to become a part of your niche’s conversation on social media and forums, as well as how to design and secure referral and cross-promotions.

  4. Build a Physical Network

    In this section, we'll discuss in-person network-building strategies like being a vendor for local events, getting involved with meetup groups and similar events, and attending or speaking at industry conferences. Using these event marketing tactics, store owners can drive free traffic to their ecommerce sites.

  5. How to Create Extraordinary Content

    For an ecommerce brand, well-executed content creation can be the captivating element that means the difference between a sale and a bounce. Learn how to plan and create different types of valuable content, how to go about writing blog content at least once a week, and strategies for content promotion.

  6. Expand, Track, and Analyze

    Learn about the key tenets of a multi-channel strategy, along with how to use content analysis tools, social media analytics and Google Analytics to track and optimize your performance.

  7. Conclusion

    In this ebook, we’ve covered how to: Examine your brand, perform deep research to find the potential influencer marketing partners, contact them using communication tactics that help you to be seen, build an interconnected web of contacts, create engaging content, and install various analytics tools see performance.

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